Tally Software Platform

All products are managed through the Tally customer web application allowing you access from any internet connection.

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Easily adaptable

Many customizations available to tailor what you want to monitor.

Fully Responsive

Access from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.


Manage multiple products and services in one system.


Smart, intuitive, and easy-to-use software.

Full Support

Call or email our dedicated support team based on your preference.


User guides and training vidoes are integrated to guide you through an easy learning experience of the Tally platform.

Smart Shelf

A smart-sensing shelf insert that communicates with the Tally platform to give you instant alerts as product is removed from the shelf.

No Additional Work

With the Tally software, no additional work is required by your stocking team. The Tally software simply detects the presence of an item, no matter the weight.

No addional tagging of your products is required to work with Smart Shelf, just place the item on the shelf and view the status from your smartphone.

Prevent Loss of Merchandise

Detect immediately when product is removed from the Smart Shelf and deter theft immediately in your store.

  • Trigger a store page that a customer needs assistance
  • Send a text to the manager and loss prevention officer on duty
  • Watch video of customers who removed items from your shelf

Smart Shelf is the only solutions that allows honest customers unrestricted access to the items they purchase while creating immediate warnings to a loss prevention team when a theft is in progress.

Real Time Inventory

The Tally web application gives you a real-time inventory of the merchandise on your shelves. Simply access your inventory report from your dashboard.

Payment Device Protection


  • Hacking credit card terminals, ATM's, and gas pumps for user information is a chronic problem.
  • Increases in retail data breaches are hurting retailers reputations and eroding consumer confidence.
  • Hackers are increasing their focus on the credit card terminals, as fire walls get more difficult to penetrate.
  • Installing memory and RF transmitters in devices allows hackers to gather credit card data remotely.
  • Effective and affordable ways to protect and audit these devices will be critical in stopping this evolving threat.

If you are unaware of how quickly a credit card skimmer can be installed, watch this video from the Miama Beach Police Department.

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